Hello friends, long time // no see

I apologize for my absence, to those who may have been missing new comics. I’ve been quite busy with more projects than I can count, but I have two I can share with you today:
“Its On This Kind of Morning You Find Your Way Home”

I’ve printed a small run of my first collection of Tommy Monster comics, featuring 16 short stories about ███████. The collection features X-Ray Petersen stories, Tiny Magic, Ponyboy stories, and a few other choice favorites. It’s 28 pages and the paper smells great. It will be available this weekend at MoCCA Fest in New York. Come find me.

“The World Ender”

I co-wrote and drew a 12 page comic book for the imaginative, magical band Lord Huron. It’s a violent ghost story about the pit that grows in a sad soul. The first four pages are available to read on Vice. This will also be available at MoCCA, and you can find it in record stores alongside the new Lord Huron album Strange Trails.

I’d be happy to show you these books in person, and if you email me I might be able to find a way to get them to you. Thanks for checking back in, though I update so infrequently.

Soon I hope to have news on my new short film: Space Teen Forever